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Body image, does yours make you mirror-phobic?

Woman in satin dress holding mirror


I was driving past a billboard on the freeway which caught my attention, enough to warrant a post. It was an advert placed by a gym and it read, ‘Invest in your body after all you can’t trade it in.’ I liked the notion that your body needs investment, in terms of time and energy to keep it healthy and well lets face it, you will be in it for as long as you live. A body, for me is an extension of my soul, a canvas if you please for my personality. Not the other way around.
So you can imagine how shocked I was when a charming woman with the most gorgeous hazel eyes and luscious curly locks seemed so self-conscious and uncomfortable. The reason, she was over weight and found the checkout lanes in the supermarket a little narrow for her comfort.
Now, I do encourage healthy living and if weight posses a health issue by all means I encourage you to diet and exercise. I recommend loosing excess pounds, in a healthy manner, but not your confidence and especially not your smile! So what if you’re lugging around a few excess kilos, cellulite, jelly belly, or whatever else seems to invert your smile.
No, I am not a size zero nor do I have a perfect body, but I know enough to not let it define me as a person. I have been there, down that road where my self-esteem was inversely proportional to my weight. I have struggled to shed 23 kilos and I am still struggling to loose that last 7 kilos to attain my healthy weight. Over the years that I have spent trying to achieve that milestone, I have learnt a lot mostly from mistakes; that beauty has nothing to do with what’s on the outside and everything to do with the inside.
A strong healthy body is more beneficial than a skinny malnourished one. As a mum of three, I need all the energy I can get and I learnt very early that strict diets that aim at rapid weight loss are an absolute no, no. I learnt to eat healthy as opposed to eating less. How were my kids, two of them girls, going to develop good eating habits when I didn’t mirror that philosophy? How could I nurture self-confidant young women if I was constantly berating myself over my excess weight? Unhealthy diets make you prone to illness and as a mum, that wasn’t an option.
Motherhood forcefully knocked some sense into me and I hope to spread the word, to aim for a healthy body as opposed to a skinny one. The media is to be blamed for showing extremely slender women as the epitome of beauty. My advice, go to an art gallery and look at how famous artists thought history depicted the goddess of beauty, Venus. Botticelli, Giorgione,


Vintage Postcard ~ Chubby Baby

Vintage Postcard ~ Chubby Baby (Photo credit: chicks57)


Cabanel, Moore etc. have drawn a very curvaceous and a very realistic woman. She did not have unrealistic breasts or skinny thighs, her bones did not jut out and she did not have a ripped abb. What every artist’s impression of Venus did have in common was her subtle sexy demure that came from an acknowledgement that she is beautiful; her body merely represented her conviction. Yes, men find confidant women sexy!
So next time you step out, lift your head, flash that gorgeous smile and KNOW that you are beautiful. When you see yourself in the mirror don’t smash it or cringe, try to see the beauty within. Be your own number one fan and see how everyone joins your fan club.



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Fashion blog- what you need to be Beautiful!


Love your body!

In this day and age there is a lot of talk about weight and appearance. Nutritionist distributing diet plans and hollering out health risks involved with being obese. Plus size women demanding acceptance for their genetic predisposition and ironically joining in the chorus are naturally size zero models!

Where do I fit in? I’m trying to get everyone to focus on the main purpose, to look and feel good! If you accept your body type then you will be less sensitized to what the world hollers out at you and the worldly wise will have something to remark one way or another.

As a kid who grew up in an Arab land where dressing was ultra chic but conservative and then finding my self in college where the style was uber cool and relaxed, I was a square peg in a round hole!

Four years later I arrived with my ripped jeans, tussled hair, heavy silver accessories and varsity tees straight into the corporate world where I was told to chop off my ‘overflowing hairdo’ and get some suits, black or charcoal if you please.

Now, I live in sunny Adelaide where I am back to my ripped jean shorts, flip-flops, floral tops and aviators to give a dollop of oomph. I can easily transform into a form fitting charcoal suit with court shoes and a tightly pulled bun. My stint in the aviation industry taught me that a neat hairdo and stockings always gives the impression of being well groomed.

I learned a lot from being cabin crew for one of the leading airlines of the world. One of the most shocking lessons was that looks aren’t everything, grooming is! Yes, I never believed it until I experienced it! Did you know that aviation uniforms are designed to make everyone look alike? Yes, the idea is to make every crewmember look like as if he or she just rolled off an assembly line! Which means everyone had to look similar whether they were tall or short (minimum height), fat (highest weight acceptable for that height) or thin (minimum acceptable weight), beautiful or average. There were variations I assure you, the criteria for choosing a crew was primarily personality, looks actually came second.

The uniforms are so styled that they overpower the wearers look and instead stress on the bold colours, the strong style and the overall effect. Once the most gorgeous girls wore them they were transformed into, wait for it, mannequins that afforded no competition what so ever to the overwhelming design, contour and colours. Yes, that’s exactly why normal guys in a uniform always look so much dapper and the wow factor just falls off along with the uniform! That’s also another reason, no crewmember actually post pictures of themselves in their uniform, we look much, much better in casuals.

So what’s my point? Clothes and good grooming is what one needs to look awesome. So stop beating yourself over your body type, offcourse by all means exercise if you have to loose those heath-affecting pounds but not because you want to look good. Looking good and feeling good about your body has nothing to do with your weight unless you intend to pose for a bikini photo-shoot for the cover of vogue, other than that it really isn’t important.

The biggest mistake a woman can do is try to look like someone she is not. You need to discover you true unique style, if you are a flower child (I know I am!) then stop trying to wear form fitting little dresses, even if you have a fabulous figure. It’s not you and that should be reason enough. If you always felt comfortable in leather and tight jeans and not just because ‘so and so’ looked wow in it then by all means go for it.

Naturally, if you haven’t been brainwashed by fashion houses and fashion forums into believing what is cool and what is not, then you will ideally end up choosing a style that not only feels good but also compliments your personality and brings out your personality.

So why do so many women end up not looking their natural best? Many factors, brainwashing is top most but also equally important is the fear to be themselves. I should know, I always wanted to wear denim but in my family it was considered unbecoming, I still cannot get myself to wear jeans for socially important events where the dress code is casual.

Another major factor is availability. How many times have you walked into a store wanting something and were told it’s not available, out of stock, no one makes them any more etc.? As a denim girl my signature outfit is stone washed sky blue jeans with a cool, tad oversized white shirt, usually tied. The problem with white shirts is that they never stay white for too long. Having three toddlers with a love for finger painting doesn’t help either.

I cannot recall the number of times I have come away frustrated at not being able to find such a classic, no, not the ones with the fancy cufflinks, no, not the latest form fitting stretchable office whites, no, just a simple white shirt, no, no pockets, it kills the ‘look’.

That’s why I’m excited about it is supposed to be the answer to my prayers. With classic pieces and basic standard items that are essential to every wardrobe in classic colours and fabulous fabric, it sounds like a dream come true. I’m waiting fingers crossed and hoping for some goodies that they will be giving during their launch.

I’ll keep you posted!

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