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It’s the season to dazzle! Christmas down under.


Christmas in the southern hemisphere takes a little getting used to since we all have the notion of the perfect white Christmas. Fashion wise it’s the hottest season of the year, literally! Sexy bikinis, festive sequins, and a gorgeous tan; what more can a fashion diva possibly ask for? Christmas, Aussie style, is all about family, friends, good cheer & fun in the sun. For a healthy tan check out our post on transforming into a bronzed beauty !

Here are some Christmas fashion tips from Chelsea Potter, a fellow blogger from the UK who blogs for Sports direct.

What to wear to a Christmas day beach party…

Christmas on the beach is so much fun. You spend time with your loved ones, play beach games and have a massive BBQ where you eat enough to last until next year… or realistically until the Boxing Day festivities. Bu what do you wear? Here are some tips to help you out this Christmas.

For starters, let’s go back to the BBQ… you are guaranteed to eat quite a bit on this day so maybe think twice about the bodycon dress. You also need to consider you may be playing beach games during the day so you’re probably best wearing something that you can move freely in. At the same time, although it’s Christmas it is also summer so show off the latest trends while you’re partying at the beach. Confused about what to wear even more? Well let me help you out.

For the daytime…

Red Bikini from the bargain boutique!

Wear a red bikini – gets you in the Christmas spirit but you’ll still look red hot! Team the bikini with denim shorts and maybe a loose vest over the top. Failing this you could wear a loose dress but if you’re bouncing up and down later then you might prefer the first option.

For the evening…

This is your time to glam up and appreciate the party season. Wear sequins or metallics but wear them on a short dress or skirt. Again you might want to opt for a looser style if you still have your food baby.

metallic dress from the bargain boutique

metallic dress from the bargain boutique

Christmas is a time for fun with your loved ones but as you party on the beach, it’s also a time to dress to impress.

“For hot looks at affordable prices, check out fashion outlet here:,” says Chelsea.



He loves me, He loves me not! Valentine’s Day, offcourse he loves me!


CupidandPsyche (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, a day of roses, chocolate and love. There are many who object to Valentine’s Day as an outward show of affection that is meaningless. The valentine propaganda is directed to selling cards, overpriced roses and expensive candy, love has nothing to do with it, they argue. Love and appreciation should be shown every day, every moment, and not on publicly appointed day endorsed by commercialism.

I consider myself, pretty level-headed and I disagree with that line of thought. To all those who oppose Valentine’s Day, I say look around you people. Read the headlines, isn’t it about time our papers were filled with messages of love and appreciation? Even if it’s for just one day that the whole world could obsess about loving and expressing your love to someone special. I say stop fighting it and join in the love celebration, God knows we have walked many a funeral cortege.

Don’t want to make hallmark rich? Write a poem and get your kids to colour in. Bake a cake at home or approach a local baker and florist, support your local economy. Yes, we don’t need a special day to express our love, we ‘should’ do it every day, just like we should be more kind, more loving, more generous, more healthy, more, ohh you get my point. A gentle reminder and a global agreement on simple things like love is a great way forward for our embittered world to heal. Hate the commercialism, well who else is going to sponsor a global movement? Promotions, banners, ads, little red hearts pasted on shopping windows, and reminders on the radio, they all cost money and I am very glad Hallmark and their buddies are footing the bill.

There are other more pressing trends to oppose to, reserve your resentment and caustic remarks for viral trends like teenagers cutting themselves, doing drugs, pornography, etc. Leave my chubby little angel with his hearts and arrows alone, he gets but one day to play cupid.

More importantly let me wake up once a year to a surprise knock on the door with a special delivery of red roses and a heart balloon. I really appreciate my gourmet dinner and walk on the beach with my husband. Yeah, we don’t have to do it on Valentine’s Day but it’s just awesome when you walk into a crowded restaurant with lovers of various age groups, holding hands, laughing, smiling, blushing and giggling. For just one day this whole world looks perfect and happy, we know the sad truth so let me have my one special day.