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The 1 Rule for confidence is to be yourself!

Young Bohémienne: Natalie Clifford Barney (187...

Young Bohémienne: Natalie Clifford Barney (1875-1972) at the age of 10 (painting by Carolus-Duran) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I meet so many women who are uncomfortable in their own skin; after all there is a fine line between demure and abashed. While one is a character trait the other is a result of one’s perception of self, usually a negative one. The last time I felt awkward and cringed in my own skin was in high school, in my attempt to be cool, I wore a tight-fitting cocktail dress. Black lace and a bright yellow bow was all it took to make me feel like a turkey on show! Thank God for my father, a man of principle and obviously taste, who forbade me to walk out of the house looking like the bride of Frankenstein. As any normal teenager, I rolled my eyes and protested, but secretly I was so happy that he made me change. My ego didn’t let me publicly admit my fashion faux pas but that day I learned a valuable lesson, never try to be someone else!

It’s one thing to be inspired and quite another to erase one’s own identity and absorb someone else’s persona. My inspiration by the likes of those gorgeous Bohemian style divas leads me to don flowing skirts, but it’s still me underneath the boho skirt. Just like my skin tone, which is brown, cream and uneven, my fashion sense isn’t defiantly anything but always comfortable.

Lace shirts with frayed denim shorts and gold jewellery – that’s me! Hair colour that changes more frequently than the weather courtesy global warming, fashion style that is constantly evolving, adapting, and always experimenting that’s who I am. What about you? Is your personality hiding in the closet or tucked away in the back of your wardrobe? Waiting in the sidelines for the approval of peers, fashion magazines, friends, family, the cat next door?

In one of my earlier posts I had written that the one must have accessory for a plus size woman is confidence, I reiterate: the number one rule for confidence is to be yourself!




Liebster award : Thank you Rhema!


liebsterAs an aspiring writer any feedback, especially one that appreciates you is thoroughly humbling and an absolute tear-jerker! I was so stunned and deeply humbled (I don’t do humble very well! Ask my sis!) when Rhema ( nominated me that I didn’t know how to respond. So after ruminating over it for over a week, I have come up with this perfect dialogue, “Thank you Rhema!”.

Thank you, I know that this salutation has been rendered very meaningless in today’s world, from being used sarcastically to routinely out of obligation to appear cultured, it lacks depth. It’s modern day usage however, does not strip it of it’s power, it is a heart’s blessing to another soul. A phrase used when one meets an unexpected kindness, a gesture that warms one’s soul in this cold world, two words that encompass a multitude of blessing and grace.

So Rhema, I truly mean it when I say Thank you & God bless you! Now, on with the ceremonies……

There are three simple rules for this award, you need to display it, answer a few questions that you can amend or add to, and award it to 11 fellow bloggers who strike you as worthy. So here goes…

Rules for The Liebster Award:
1. Add the award logo to your blog.
2. Answer the following questions:

1. If there’s any wanderlust, what would that be?
I would love to visit Vienna, my dream destination. As cabin crew for Emirates I have travelled most of the globe but this destination has always eluded me. One day….. one day… will no longer be a destination but a sweet memory, one day!
2. What is the best joke of your life?
After suffering an extremely painful ovarian cyst and undergoing an operation that left me without a left ovary, I was told by my doctor that I would NEVER conceive if I didn’t TRY to have a baby within 2 years of the operation, Today almost 15 years later, I have three kids 4 ½, 2 ½ and 1 1/2, yeah, the last one was a surprise!!
When God decides not even a missing ovary can stand in his way!

3. What was your pet name in school?
Pami, philosopher, chinimaqau… different friends called me different names!

4. Have you thought about the place called “Heaven”? What do you think?
I don’t think, I just pray that I get in!!!

5. Tell me your best prank that ached your tummy laughing?
Never played a prank, hate the thought of laughing AT someone, even if it’s all fun, doesn’t sit right with me. The tricking, scheming…… I don’t know…I could never carry it off, can’t even plan a surprise party, let alone a prank! Side effects of being a blabber mouth, can’t hold it in, I even end up telling my sis what I get her for her birthday, even if it’s two months in advance!

6. Do you scream in your sleep after you watch a scary movie?
No, I never watch one, but if I do, I can’t sleep out of fear. Usually end up praying all night! LMAO! Yeah, I’m a chicken and not ashamed to admit it!

So here is my list of bloggers who I nominate for the award, sorry I don’t have 11.
1. Lesly Carter
2. Jean-Paul Galibert


4. Shafeeq Hamza


6. Deepti

Here are the question guys (no I didn’t add any, Rhema did quite a good job compiling them!).
1. If there’s any wanderlust, what would that be?
2. What is the best joke of your life?
3. What was your pet name in school?
4. Have you thought about the place called “Heaven”? What do you think?
5. Tell me your best prank that ached your tummy laughing?
6. Do you scream in your sleep after you watch a scary movie?


He loves me, He loves me not! Valentine’s Day, offcourse he loves me!


CupidandPsyche (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, a day of roses, chocolate and love. There are many who object to Valentine’s Day as an outward show of affection that is meaningless. The valentine propaganda is directed to selling cards, overpriced roses and expensive candy, love has nothing to do with it, they argue. Love and appreciation should be shown every day, every moment, and not on publicly appointed day endorsed by commercialism.

I consider myself, pretty level-headed and I disagree with that line of thought. To all those who oppose Valentine’s Day, I say look around you people. Read the headlines, isn’t it about time our papers were filled with messages of love and appreciation? Even if it’s for just one day that the whole world could obsess about loving and expressing your love to someone special. I say stop fighting it and join in the love celebration, God knows we have walked many a funeral cortege.

Don’t want to make hallmark rich? Write a poem and get your kids to colour in. Bake a cake at home or approach a local baker and florist, support your local economy. Yes, we don’t need a special day to express our love, we ‘should’ do it every day, just like we should be more kind, more loving, more generous, more healthy, more, ohh you get my point. A gentle reminder and a global agreement on simple things like love is a great way forward for our embittered world to heal. Hate the commercialism, well who else is going to sponsor a global movement? Promotions, banners, ads, little red hearts pasted on shopping windows, and reminders on the radio, they all cost money and I am very glad Hallmark and their buddies are footing the bill.

There are other more pressing trends to oppose to, reserve your resentment and caustic remarks for viral trends like teenagers cutting themselves, doing drugs, pornography, etc. Leave my chubby little angel with his hearts and arrows alone, he gets but one day to play cupid.

More importantly let me wake up once a year to a surprise knock on the door with a special delivery of red roses and a heart balloon. I really appreciate my gourmet dinner and walk on the beach with my husband. Yeah, we don’t have to do it on Valentine’s Day but it’s just awesome when you walk into a crowded restaurant with lovers of various age groups, holding hands, laughing, smiling, blushing and giggling. For just one day this whole world looks perfect and happy, we know the sad truth so let me have my one special day.