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It’s the season to dazzle! Christmas down under.


Christmas in the southern hemisphere takes a little getting used to since we all have the notion of the perfect white Christmas. Fashion wise it’s the hottest season of the year, literally! Sexy bikinis, festive sequins, and a gorgeous tan; what more can a fashion diva possibly ask for? Christmas, Aussie style, is all about family, friends, good cheer & fun in the sun. For a healthy tan check out our post on transforming into a bronzed beauty !

Here are some Christmas fashion tips from Chelsea Potter, a fellow blogger from the UK who blogs for Sports direct.

What to wear to a Christmas day beach party…

Christmas on the beach is so much fun. You spend time with your loved ones, play beach games and have a massive BBQ where you eat enough to last until next year… or realistically until the Boxing Day festivities. Bu what do you wear? Here are some tips to help you out this Christmas.

For starters, let’s go back to the BBQ… you are guaranteed to eat quite a bit on this day so maybe think twice about the bodycon dress. You also need to consider you may be playing beach games during the day so you’re probably best wearing something that you can move freely in. At the same time, although it’s Christmas it is also summer so show off the latest trends while you’re partying at the beach. Confused about what to wear even more? Well let me help you out.

For the daytime…

Red Bikini from the bargain boutique!

Wear a red bikini – gets you in the Christmas spirit but you’ll still look red hot! Team the bikini with denim shorts and maybe a loose vest over the top. Failing this you could wear a loose dress but if you’re bouncing up and down later then you might prefer the first option.

For the evening…

This is your time to glam up and appreciate the party season. Wear sequins or metallics but wear them on a short dress or skirt. Again you might want to opt for a looser style if you still have your food baby.

metallic dress from the bargain boutique

metallic dress from the bargain boutique

Christmas is a time for fun with your loved ones but as you party on the beach, it’s also a time to dress to impress.

“For hot looks at affordable prices, check out fashion outlet here:,” says Chelsea.


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Aussie Style Icon

Samantha harris in  black playsuit, black shoe...

Samantha harris in black playsuit, black shoes, white hat – walk (Photo credit: avlxyz)


sam1 sam2 samSamantha Harris often referred to as Australia’s first Aboriginal supermodel is an Australian fashion model born to Aboriginal mother and GermanEnglish father.  Samantha Harris was born in Tweed Heads, New South Wales, Australia and has Aboriginal, Dutch, English and German heritage.


Samantha Harris

Samantha Harris (Photo credit: Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer)


She is also an ambassador for the National Centre of Indigenous Excellence (NCIE) in Sydney. Her modelling journey whereby she has not only pursued her dream but has risen to starry heights has made her a role model for many aboriginal youth.


Samantha Harris, a true Aussie Style icon!





Knee-high boots, aviators and scarves. What’s not to love?

bootsboots2There are a few fashion basics that promise to transform anyone into a diva, almost like having a personal fairy godmother. For example, you can transform a boring t-shirt and jeans into a fashionable ensemble just by donning a pair of knee-high boots. Nothing in the fashion world holds such magical fashion powers like knee-high boots. Pair them with a shift dress, jeans, mini shirt, basically anything and you will turn heads, guaranteed. Even ‘pretty woman’ Julia Roberts needed their magic.kneehighboots


Miniskirt (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Aviators or any other shape of sunglasses that suits your face is the Midas touch that can transform a bad hair day, acne, puffy eyes, dark circles or any other facial disaster into a showcase for chic! Throw in a gorgeous scarf and you are an instant style icon. Having these basic fashion essentials can ensure that you never have to step out looking anything less than ultra cool – always.

Scarves in colours that brighten up your face are an absolute must; stock them in different patterns, materials and designs. Walk in to an optical store and purchase sunglasses, I’m partial to aviators, which suit your face. Take your phone and click pictures of yourself wearing them, it’s hard to make out if something suits you by just looking in the mirror, the coloured tint of the glasses tends to interfere. A photo of you wearing it will give you an accurate picture. Buy a few styles, in different shades; these should form your fashion basics. Always make sure that your sunglasses have a high UV protection rate.

Knee high boots are my personal weakness and I can never have enough of them. However, you should have a minimum of two, one in a classic comfortable style that gives you a classy look and can be worn during the day without spraining your ankle. Every woman should possess one piece of footwear that should exude sex appeal, just wearing it should make you feel like a million dollars and there is nothing more fabulous than owning a knee high boot that is sexy.

With winter a few months away, at least for us in Australia, saving up for a gorgeous knee-high boot is a top Fashion priority. Like everything else in life, Fashion should be planned and thought out. A good quality item will last long and bring you tremendous joy, so think ahead. Fashion is and always should be an extension of your personality; the idea of great apparel is to make YOU feel good. So invest in a few fashion basics with not just your money but also your time, look around, experiment with different styles, until you decide what works and what doesn’t. In the words of Revlon, because your worth it!




Teresa Palmer, Adelaide born and studied in Mercedes College, is an Australian actress. She has always impressed critiques with her fantastic fashion sense. Never in the news for any fashion faux pas she is a true Aussie Style icon.
Teresa Palmer, a true aussie at heart, was witty enough to make fun at her Makeup mishap during a Warm Bodies photocall in London.
“Note to self- always do own makeup! You never know when someone might want to make you up like a panda #kungfupalmer,” she tweeted.

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imgres-7Kylie Ann Minogue, is an Australian singer, recording artist, songwriter and actress

imgres-6 imgres-5 imgres-1 imgres-10 imgres-9


Kylie Minogue has never been shy to experiment whether its been sporting fiery red bangs or a short crop dyed black! From sexy revealing outfits to classy and innocent, this Aussie has been there and done that!

She battled cancer in 2005 and her dress sense has become more vibrant with bold colour choices! Either way this is an Aussie style icon that truly rocks!
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imgres-7 imgres-6

Naomi Watts Australian Style icon.

imgres-1 imgres imgres-3 imgres-4 imgres-5

Naomi Ellen Watts is a British-born,  Australian-raised actress, close friend of Nicole Kidman. As reported to Daily Mail, Naomi has stated that her style is eclectic. She likes creations by Marc Jacobs, Roland Mouret, Zac Posen and sometimes opts for a Gucci suit.  She manages to strike a pose even in jeans and a T-shirt!

Español: Naomi Watts caminando por la alfombra...

Español: Naomi Watts caminando por la alfombra roja durante el Festival de Cine de San Sebastián. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Naomi Watts

Naomi Watts (Photo credit: Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer)

English: Naomi Watts at the Cannes film festival

English: Naomi Watts at the Cannes film festival (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A confidant woman she is not afraid to experiment, truly an Aussie icon!