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Homemade facial & body scrubs- Exfoliates to help your skin wake up for spring!


Spring is finally here and by here I mean Adelaide, Australia. As I put my knitwear away and unpack my shorts, I know I need a good exfoliation to be truly spring ready. Winter is awesome for bad skin as you can layer up and look chic. I treat my winters as therapy time for my skin where I massage them with warm almond oil and seal them in copious amounts of vitamin E moisturiser.

Spring ushers in shorts, sexy tops and flirty dresses, so no escape for dull, flaky skin. So what’s my secret to spring ready smooth skin? Exfoliation!


Exfoliation has its roots in ancient history with women in Japan rubbing rice bran on their face to keep skin smooth and bright. The anti-inflammatory properties of rice seeds and bran made them an excellent cleanser and softener. The Ebers Papyrus mentions the use of powdered alabaster, sea salt and honey by early Egyptians to keep the skin perfect! The Greeks invented the first body scrub when they oiled and then scrubbed their skin with sand.

Exfoliation is the removal of dead skin cells on the skin’s surface making it an ideal solution for dry flaky skin conditions. It is a safe procedure as long as you remember to be gentle and not to use harsh abrasives that can injure your skin. Once a week is quite sufficient to achieve that smooth soft glowing skin you have been dreaming of.

There are two types of exfoliation manual (scrubs) and chemical (enzymes from fruit). Chemical scrubs use fruit enzymes along with moisturising emollients like honey and yoghurt.  These rely on the enzymes to slog off the dead cells instead of the abrasive action of scrubs, its gentler and ideal for sensitive skin. The only down side being their preparation time, storage (fridge), need to be left on for about 5 mins and that they need to be used up before they spoil. Personally, I prefer manual scrubs since I can have it ready in my bathroom and don’t have to worry about an expiry date.

health Homemade scrubs:

Honey has anti-bacterial and rehydrating properties so a dab of it in anything is a good thing.url

Olive oil is great both inside and out! Known to keep cancer and heart disease at bay by incorporating it in your cooking. It’s an excellent moisturiser and makes a good base for scrubs.

Baking Soda or sodium bicarbonate is a versatile product and completely harmless. Make it into a paste rub it in round circular motions and rinse off, its gentle enough for everyday use.

 Sugar & Olive Oil facial scrub

Mix normal white sugar with enough olive oil to make a paste. Add a dab of honey for extra moisturising effect.

sea-salt1 Fragrant sea salt body scrub

Two parts sea salt with one part olive oil, add a few drops of your favourite essence (tea tree oil, lavender oil, lemon oil or try vanilla) and your heavenly body scrub is ready.

If you’re heading out to the beach, rub a little sea sand over your feet and wash off with seawater. The most natural sea salt exfoliate available and it’s free.

In fact washed sea sand mixed with olive oil is an excellent body scrub.

 Anti-ageing tip:

You won’t be 21 forever, how you protect your skin today will define how you look tomorrow. Using sunscreen keeps the wrinkles at bay and when you’re 50 you will swear by those empty tubs of sunscreen!

Lastly, smile and unleash the inner diva within! 


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Aussie style icon- Robyn Lawley

Robyn Lawley is an Aussie style icon!

Robyn Lawley is a Plus size fashion model and the first to appear in a campaign for Ralph Lauren. This gorgeous 6 ft 2 in size 12 model was Sydney Magazine’s Top 100 Most Influential People of the year award for 2011.

A foodie she has her own food blog Robyn Lawley Eats ( ) and is slated to host a cooking TV show on Australian network Foxtel.

A healthy revolution for fashion and modelling! Bring it in Robyn!

Robyn Lawley

Robyn Lawley

Robyn Lawley

Robyn Lawley

Robyn Lawley is Aussie style icon

Robyn Lawley is Aussie style icon

Robyn Lawley is Aussie style icon

Robyn Lawley is Aussie style icon


Plus size fashion: Saluting the Plus size fashion divas!

Plus size diva

Plus size diva

I just got chastised, by a plus size friend on the blogosphere. Apparently I don’t know what I am talking about. Only a ‘Fatshion’ blogger knows what its like and has the right to comment on plus size fashion.  In case you are wondering (I know I was), fat is not used in a negative context meaning something to be shed or loathed but an acceptance of being real and perfectly normal.

Plus size shopping is hard; the concept of just waltzing in a mall and picking an outfit in your size is apparently unheard of. The entire fashion industry is tailored (literally) for size 18 and below. So what do you do when you are a size 24? The few brands that do cater to plus size fashion have limited styles and work from the standpoint that if you are a plus size you are definitely 9 feet tall. So what do you do when you are short and fat? Love vintage or retro or basically have a personal style? What about if you are plus size and pregnant? Try finding clothes that fit a plus size with an hour glass figure, apparently if you are that big you are not allowed to have a tiny waist!?

Also, you are penalised for seeking out plus size fashion by being charged exorbitant amounts, not mention the fact that the designs are inspired by what granny used to wear.  Stylish shoes that fit are non-existent and there is a conception that plus size women don’t need hosiery??!!

What was I thinking when I wrote a post on how to be a plus size fashion diva? Did I think that plus size women have no sense of fashion and no sense of style? Except for the positive body image message, I apparently scored very low on all other counts. To that I say my humble apologies! It just hit home what an international conspiracy there is against curvy women.

To all the plus size women who overcome all these hurdles and still rock it, I salute you!  You gals are true divas, your constant vigil for stylish outfits, your online scavenger hunts, your years of experimentation and dedication to fashion is truly inspiring!

I end with a comment that made me smile, “Offcourse we are in shape, round is a shape!”



How to be a Plus size fashion Diva!

plus size and sexy

plus size and sexy

At the cost of sounding repetitive, let me reiterate, real women come in real sizes. Don’t be a football to media or society; every woman is beautiful. I know a lot of extremely slender women who hate their bodies, many resort to breast augmentation and one friend even wears padded underwear to fill out her jeans. They feel no consolation when I tell them they have super model figures. The truth is women and men come in all shapes and sizes, and it has nothing to do with beauty.  The media has created a hype of the perfect body, flawless wrinkle free skin, pencil slim body, extra long legs, a convex behind and an ample bosom. Show me one woman who actually has those dimensions and no Barbie doesn’t count, after all she is plastic!

What is attainable is a personal fashion style that rocks. Size and shape have nothing to do with a fashion diva; a stylish wardrobe is what matters.  There is a lot of talk in fashion circles about out dated clothes and how you need to rid/donate old clothes. I don’t agree with that rational, fashion is cyclic, what goes out comes right back in (retro, 60s, vintage, etc.). Unless the garment has lost it’s mojo (yeah baby!) there is no sensible reason to part with it expect to shop more and line the pockets of the retail stores.  I still wear jeans that are over 7 years old, they are frayed, comfortable and Über cool paired with a funky tee, aviators and junk jewellery.

What I will recommend is that you discard ill-fitting clothes. Even if you are a size 4, if you wear a size 3 you are going to end up with a muffin top. Wear your size, don’t appeal to your vanity and squeeze into a smaller size, it doesn’t flatter your body. Same with intimates, make sure that your underwear is the right size, the right fit, tight garments over time can leave permanent groves and fat gets deposited around it creating unsightly bulges. Love your body, there is nothing more sensual that wearing clothes that are comfortable, stylish and flatter your body.


English: Muffin top

English: Muffin top (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


As a plus size, a figure-hugging outfit is not desirable unless you are extremely well toned or are comfortable wearing a total body contour compression garment. Decide on what you would like to focus on, many woman find wide necked garments flattering.

Wearing a delicate lace cardigan over a dress gives a romantic touch. Tops with detailing that are loose fitting and styled with chunky jewellery creates an extremely fashionable look.

For winter, you can’t go wrong with knee high boots, Jackets that flare at the end and scarves. Be confidant to try different styles until you find one that compliments your personality. Confidence it the one must have accessory for any diva, so pile it on. Here are a few images to inspire your inner diva.

office wear

office wear

casual chic
casual chic

winter must have flare jacket

winter must have flare jacket



cool chic

cool chic

casual diva

casual diva

effortless chic

effortless chic



Body image, does yours make you mirror-phobic?

Woman in satin dress holding mirror


I was driving past a billboard on the freeway which caught my attention, enough to warrant a post. It was an advert placed by a gym and it read, ‘Invest in your body after all you can’t trade it in.’ I liked the notion that your body needs investment, in terms of time and energy to keep it healthy and well lets face it, you will be in it for as long as you live. A body, for me is an extension of my soul, a canvas if you please for my personality. Not the other way around.
So you can imagine how shocked I was when a charming woman with the most gorgeous hazel eyes and luscious curly locks seemed so self-conscious and uncomfortable. The reason, she was over weight and found the checkout lanes in the supermarket a little narrow for her comfort.
Now, I do encourage healthy living and if weight posses a health issue by all means I encourage you to diet and exercise. I recommend loosing excess pounds, in a healthy manner, but not your confidence and especially not your smile! So what if you’re lugging around a few excess kilos, cellulite, jelly belly, or whatever else seems to invert your smile.
No, I am not a size zero nor do I have a perfect body, but I know enough to not let it define me as a person. I have been there, down that road where my self-esteem was inversely proportional to my weight. I have struggled to shed 23 kilos and I am still struggling to loose that last 7 kilos to attain my healthy weight. Over the years that I have spent trying to achieve that milestone, I have learnt a lot mostly from mistakes; that beauty has nothing to do with what’s on the outside and everything to do with the inside.
A strong healthy body is more beneficial than a skinny malnourished one. As a mum of three, I need all the energy I can get and I learnt very early that strict diets that aim at rapid weight loss are an absolute no, no. I learnt to eat healthy as opposed to eating less. How were my kids, two of them girls, going to develop good eating habits when I didn’t mirror that philosophy? How could I nurture self-confidant young women if I was constantly berating myself over my excess weight? Unhealthy diets make you prone to illness and as a mum, that wasn’t an option.
Motherhood forcefully knocked some sense into me and I hope to spread the word, to aim for a healthy body as opposed to a skinny one. The media is to be blamed for showing extremely slender women as the epitome of beauty. My advice, go to an art gallery and look at how famous artists thought history depicted the goddess of beauty, Venus. Botticelli, Giorgione,


Vintage Postcard ~ Chubby Baby

Vintage Postcard ~ Chubby Baby (Photo credit: chicks57)


Cabanel, Moore etc. have drawn a very curvaceous and a very realistic woman. She did not have unrealistic breasts or skinny thighs, her bones did not jut out and she did not have a ripped abb. What every artist’s impression of Venus did have in common was her subtle sexy demure that came from an acknowledgement that she is beautiful; her body merely represented her conviction. Yes, men find confidant women sexy!
So next time you step out, lift your head, flash that gorgeous smile and KNOW that you are beautiful. When you see yourself in the mirror don’t smash it or cringe, try to see the beauty within. Be your own number one fan and see how everyone joins your fan club.



The one must have accessory for every plus-size woman- Confidence!

Ana Paula @ Plus Size Model :: nov2011

It’s all about the attitude, a confidant one goes a long way in getting you labelled as amazing! While every model/actress/artist, basically every woman, vies to be known as the most beautiful, very few are tapping the extremely accessible amazing. If you are anything like me, being known as an amazing woman is just as, if not better, than being known as a beautiful looking woman. Being known, as a beautiful woman is any day more flattering than a beautiful looking woman, because looks fade with time and not everyone agrees on what is beautiful, but your soul does not age, it only evolves.

Personality is what makes the guy you have a crush on, approach you and have a chat. Ever met someone who wasn’t the prettiest in the room but managed to have the maximum number of genuine friends, off course you have, that’s your best friend. She isn’t a hottie but she is the darling of your life, the one who makes you laugh and cries with you when you’re hurting and not necessarily in that order.

Personality doesn’t just get you admires or friends; they get you mates for life. A strong confidant personality is a major component, but often neglected, of being beautiful. Abraham Lincoln wasn’t the handsomest of men, in fact quite the contrary, neither was George Bernard Shaw, but both men in their respective fields, wowed and inspired millions and still do today. Look at spidey, until he was a gawky lanky teenager he was oblivious, gets bitten by a spider, learns to hang up side down without falling, starts oozing confidence and every chic has a secret crush on him!

Seriously, how many villains have you had a crush on, unless you have a thing for bad boys, not matter how handsome? Any admirers for Tom Felton? Alexander Ludwig? Tom Hiddleston? No, Heath Ledger doesn’t count, he totally rocked in A Knight’s tale and 10 things I hate About you, plus he had paint on as the joker, doesn’t count.

Confidence makes you comfortable in your own skin, which basically means the real you isn’t hiding behind some pieces of fabric but is free to shine to mesmerise. Remember Donna Noble from Dr. Who; she wasn’t the prettiest of Dr. Who companions but the most loved, why? Do you even have to ask? Personality, she is plus size but her confidence is refreshing and by the end of the season you are completely in love with her, she almost overshadows the ever-charming time traveling youthful Dr. Who.

Oprah winfrey, Queen Latifa, are few examples of women who are beautiful more for their personality than for their looks. When did being plus size mean that you fell in the ‘non good-looking’ category? Christina Schmidt is one of the most gorgeous women and yes she is plus size! There are many, many more examples of beautiful women but a strong, confidant women can make belly fat, cellulite and extra pounds all disappear. Now that’s the secret no one wants to let out, but I’m calling for a Fashion revolution, want to join me?