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How to be a Plus size fashion Diva!


plus size and sexy

plus size and sexy

At the cost of sounding repetitive, let me reiterate, real women come in real sizes. Don’t be a football to media or society; every woman is beautiful. I know a lot of extremely slender women who hate their bodies, many resort to breast augmentation and one friend even wears padded underwear to fill out her jeans. They feel no consolation when I tell them they have super model figures. The truth is women and men come in all shapes and sizes, and it has nothing to do with beauty.  The media has created a hype of the perfect body, flawless wrinkle free skin, pencil slim body, extra long legs, a convex behind and an ample bosom. Show me one woman who actually has those dimensions and no Barbie doesn’t count, after all she is plastic!

What is attainable is a personal fashion style that rocks. Size and shape have nothing to do with a fashion diva; a stylish wardrobe is what matters.  There is a lot of talk in fashion circles about out dated clothes and how you need to rid/donate old clothes. I don’t agree with that rational, fashion is cyclic, what goes out comes right back in (retro, 60s, vintage, etc.). Unless the garment has lost it’s mojo (yeah baby!) there is no sensible reason to part with it expect to shop more and line the pockets of the retail stores.  I still wear jeans that are over 7 years old, they are frayed, comfortable and Über cool paired with a funky tee, aviators and junk jewellery.

What I will recommend is that you discard ill-fitting clothes. Even if you are a size 4, if you wear a size 3 you are going to end up with a muffin top. Wear your size, don’t appeal to your vanity and squeeze into a smaller size, it doesn’t flatter your body. Same with intimates, make sure that your underwear is the right size, the right fit, tight garments over time can leave permanent groves and fat gets deposited around it creating unsightly bulges. Love your body, there is nothing more sensual that wearing clothes that are comfortable, stylish and flatter your body.


English: Muffin top

English: Muffin top (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


As a plus size, a figure-hugging outfit is not desirable unless you are extremely well toned or are comfortable wearing a total body contour compression garment. Decide on what you would like to focus on, many woman find wide necked garments flattering.

Wearing a delicate lace cardigan over a dress gives a romantic touch. Tops with detailing that are loose fitting and styled with chunky jewellery creates an extremely fashionable look.

For winter, you can’t go wrong with knee high boots, Jackets that flare at the end and scarves. Be confidant to try different styles until you find one that compliments your personality. Confidence it the one must have accessory for any diva, so pile it on. Here are a few images to inspire your inner diva.

office wear

office wear

casual chic
casual chic

winter must have flare jacket

winter must have flare jacket



cool chic

cool chic

casual diva

casual diva

effortless chic

effortless chic



Author: Antonia Rapheal

An aspiring writer, blogger, PR professional & mother of three. I blog on life, love, God, family, kids and everything in between!

6 thoughts on “How to be a Plus size fashion Diva!

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  3. I got an airy baby bump after a yr my son was born. Excercising my tummy muscles is the last thing I hope to do at the end of the day. You know what I mean. It looks awful and the fact that I’m short makes it even more worse. I’m looking for suitable dress. Can you suggest some type of clothes I could wear plz.

    • Hey Rhema good to hear form you again!
      As always my first advice is to love your body, airy bump and all, trust me our kids think it’s awesome!
      1. Try a body shaping or shapewear items, a full body shaper, tummy shaper or tummy and thigh shaper. Get a proper size that fits you, you shouldn’t have to squeeze into it, just slid it on and it should gently ‘hold’ on to any unflattering bits. I use a tummy and thigh shapewear, my physiotherapist had suggested I use a tummy belt after my third baby.
      2. As far as a flatering dress option goes, try to avoid any outfit that brings attention to the waist, tummy or hips. unbuttoned cardis, jackets that shield that area are a good option for work. Dresses that do not taper at the bottom or at the waist, free flowing is a good option. Large/wide necklines that draw attention to the top half of your body are flattering choices. Wearing statement pieces like ethnic earrings, bold necklaces, chokers etc. that arrest the eyes only to your face is another option. Stay away form skinny jeans unless you pair them with a long Top/shirt that ends past the thickest part of your thighs. Where the shirt/top ends is where the eyes will be drawn to, so if it is the thickest part of your body then that is a no no but if it ends where your leg begins to slim, then that makes a flattering attire. Colour combinations are also key, black is often talked about as sliming but I find that a dark pant/skirt paired with a summery bright top that ends past the thickest part of your thighs is a colourful option. If you wear belts, make sure they are wide, thin and narrow ones only flatter slim waists. The best tip that I can give is take loads of pictures of yourself (full length) in different outfits and then see which ones flatter your body shape and then you will have a better idea.
      All the best and let me know how it goes! 🙂

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