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Nail art: style signature of a fashion diva!


nail extensions with nail art

nail extensions with nail art (Photo credit: nailsbylisa)


Manicure (Photo credit: trec_lit)

Day 19: Galaxy Nails

Day 19: Galaxy Nails (Photo credit: NailsandNoms)

Beautifully decorated nails are the ultimate fashion statement, a hallmark of a true Fashionista. For those of you who have read my pervious posts, you are quite aware that my fashion philosophy is simple; discover your unique personal style. Don’t be a mannequin for other people’s fashion ideas but create your own style. Confidence is the one must have accessory of every woman (read my pervious post)and nothing oozes confidence like your own personal style.
Nail art according to me is the ultimate form of personal expression. Nothing spells character like painted nails that are a work of art. The combinations are endless with your imagination being the limit, from pale one tone simple polish, to elegant nail art, or eye-catching colours and even bold nail art using feathers etc.
The only tip I can offer is, practice makes perfect, there really is no substitute to dedication, time and effort. For quick DIY salon quality nail art the only option is nail wraps and nail stickers.
Nail wraps need to be heated for 3 seconds using a hair dryer and you need to snip off excess and trim the edge with a file.
Nail stickers can be peeled and stuck directly to clean dry polished nails. A topcoat does the job of sealing it.

cindy.shot for sch project =)

cindy.shot for sch project =) (Photo credit: starapon)


Manicure (Photo credit: kodomut)


Feather (Photo credit: Katt Claws)


Manicure (Photo credit: firexbrat)

nail extensions with nail art

nail extensions with nail art (Photo credit: nailsbylisa)

Nail polishes

Nail polishes (Photo credit: The Style PA)

How long your style creations last will depend on the quality of products used and the stresses you subject your nails to. Washing dishes in hot water, swimming in the ocean, etc. can greatly shorten the life of your nail art.
Simple tricks for an instant diva style.

Nail art

Nail art (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nail Art in Vietnam

#1 Use tape to create patterns and shapes.
Cut a pattern (heart, square, triangle etc.) out of the tape and then tape it around your nail. Apply a different colour nail polish over this, peel the tape and you should have a clear image of your pattern on your nail. Apply topcoat and you are done. Using strips of tape or sticker you can create various patterns.

# 2 Two tone polish
Painting your nails with two different colours of polish is easy and gives a very stylish look. Using toothpicks or hairpins with the rounded edges you can create dots. You can either cover your nails with dots or just the corners.
For more complex nail art you can Google tube videos where talented nail technicians share their secrets but be prepared to arm yourself with a professional nail art kit.
Quick drying tips:
#1 Use a dry fast topcoat.
The Internet is abounding with tips raging form hilarious (soaking nails in ice cold water for 5 mins!) to positively ridiculous (sticking your fingers in the freezer!), nothing works better or safer than a dry fast topcoat.
If passing the time is your concern since we all know how entertaining sitting with your hands and feet in front of you can be, here are some ideas.
#1 Paint your nails just before you sit on your computer, works if you prefer short nails. We spend at least ½ hour if not more surfing the web, checking posts on FB, reading my blog…
#2 Set your self up with your favourite music (not the kind that makes you jump up and touch everything) and lie down and relax. Get a little sun in the garden or watch a movie.
Warning: nail art is addictive! Once unleashed there is no stoping the nail art diva within you! I would love to hear and see your creations!
full house nail art


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